Sanitation and Disinfection Robots: Effective Way to Sanitize and Disinfect

In the past, disinfection and sanitization were carried out by throwing the liquid over the surface. Or washing the place with the disinfection solution. Especially the surfaces which contain germs/ pathogens/ microorganisms. These methods do not only add up toxicity to the environment. But also leads to even more diseases if anyone comes into contact with these solutions.

Apart from the above limitations, it also costs a lot and consumes time. You often need to pay substantial amounts to the employees performing this task. These methods also make the surfaces slippery to walk on. Or even sometimes the spots on the surface, walls, or objects that receive this liquid.

So, there was a need for the up to date and latest techniques to reduce or minimize all of these impacts. Therefore, as a solution, sanitation and disinfection robots come forward. These robots save time, do not require labor, and offer zero toxicity levels. This is true, especially when you are performing sanitation and disinfection.

World-Class Features of Sanitation and Disinfection Robots

Some of the remarkable features that contribute to the worth of sanitation and disinfection robots are such as:

Low Energy Consumption

The sanitation and disinfection robots consume very less power. Each Philip UV lamp takes up only 30 watts. Combining the power of all 6 UV lamps, it takes up total power of around 180 watts. It does not put up the load on the lithium-ion battery of the disinfection robot. This ultimately prevents rapid discharging and contributes to the longer-lasting cycle. With such lower energy consumption, you can enjoy an operational time of your robot up to 2 to 3 hours.

No Drug Resistance

The light passes through the drug and reaches the pathogen and any microorganism present. Nothing can prevent the UV light from reaching the target microorganism and eliminating it. The light possesses the ability to deactivate the microorganisms completely. It destroys their structure completely.

Realtime Assessment

With the software operating remotely, you can tweak the performance in a better way. You can assess the real-time operational condition as well as the current status. All of this just remotely. You can check the scheduled tasks and see that everything is up to the mark per your requirement. If you don’t like anything, you can tweak them solely, focusing on your priorities. Often time comes when you are on tour or carrying out meetings around the globe. This option will not be going to stop you from your duties.

Longer Lamp Life

You don’t need to worry about the longevity of the lamp’s life. The built-in lamps last up to 8000 hours of continuous operation. The short-range wavelength light of approximately 254 Nanometers. Such wavelength is highly effective in the complete eradication of germs and microorganisms. Apart from this, these lamps come from Philips, a highly reputable manufacturer of light products. The chassis is mainly responsible for carrying out all the lamps effectively. It acts as the base or foundation for sanitation and disinfection robots.